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The tour begins.
Alge Elastic welcomes you. This is where all threads converge. Everything is under one roof. Full integration into the entire production chain guarantees the highest quality and flexibility. Like all Alge Elastic clients, you should expect something special.

Milan, Paris, London, Lustenau
Much of what is worn in Milan, London or Paris begins life in Lustenau. The international designers at Alge Elastic take advantage of the creative potential of the family company and delight the market with innovative designs. The company has always distinguished itself with its feel for growing trends. Several annual collections send a clear message. Rational workflows, fully integrated product design and modern logistics make the impossible possible once more. Visitors sense this creative spirit at every turn. Quality at its best. Everything from one single source: in-house weaving, in-house crocheting, in-house printing, and in-house dyeing. And the management is also "in-house".

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Alge Elastic GmbH
Rasis-Bündt 10
6893 Lustenau AUSTRIA
Tel. +43 (0) 55 77 / 8 20 46
Fax +43 (0) 55 77 / 8 20 46 20